We have been designed to do life together.  No one is meant to go it alone.  This is where Small Groups come in.  These groups are where you connect and build a community, a support system.  Within Ignite Church at Lakewood we have a variety of small groups.  We invite you to connect with a group that fits your life.

Beauty for Ashes

A Bible Study for women which will target issues we deal with on a daily basis and refer to the Bible for guidance. We will discuss real issues of weight, marriage, anxiety, fear, strength, and weaknesses. Various activities and participation in discussions all while enjoying a cup of coffee and snack from Ks. 

Beginning May 10

Meets Second Monday of the Month, 6 - 7 p.m.

Group Leader:  Nikki Blevins

Bikers Ignite

Do you ride? Did you ride? Do you want to ride? Or do you just want to hang out with a bunch of cool friends? If you can answer YES to any of the above, join the Ignite Riders as we share Jesus, get to know each other, and explore the exciting Ozarks Two, three or four wheels, on or off the road, join us for an exciting ride. Meet us for lunch at El Lago’s immediately after Church Sunday, May 2nd to discuss times and ride plans.

Beginning May 2

Meets Weekly

Group Leader:  Jackson Lorence

Christianity and the Cinema

This group is for those who enjoy movies yet find it difficult at times to resolve what we see and hear with our Christian faith. In this first series, we will watch and discuss popular Christian movies and how they impact (both positively and negatively) society and our efforts as Christians to spread the word of God. Popcorn and soft drinks will be provided.

Beginning May 8

Meets Saturdays at 6:30 through the month of May

Group Leader:  Scott and Susan McCoy

Defenders Of The Cross

We are Men that will do life together and support each other and will be doing devotionals. This is open to all men 18-101.

Beginning May 3

Meets Monday's at 7 pm

Group Leader:  Ben Jeter

Empty Nesters Date Night

A group for empty nesters sharing the challenges of life. A short discussion on a different topic relating to the challenges of this season of life. Then a different activity and fellowship each week.

Beginning April 22

Meets Weekly, Thursdays at 6:30 p.m.

Group Leader:  Don Eby

Everyone loves a transformation story. Rags to riches. Plain to beautiful. Weak to strong. Esther's story is that, but it is much more. It is a thought-provoking study of God's invisible hand writing silently and unseen across the pages of human history. Perhaps most of all, Esther's story is the account of godly attributes like courage, dignity, wisdom, and strength? attributes that blocked an evil plot, overthrew an arrogant killer, and replaced terror with joy in thousands of Jewish homes. This book can be completed in four weeks and focuses mainly on our listening to and for the Lord, and adhering to his timing.

Beginning May 5

Meets Weekly, Wednesdays at 6 p.m.

Group Leader:  Julia Edwards


Family Fun Group

We will be having a time of kid-friendly fellowship, family bonding time, and enjoying each other's company. I have 8 kids of my own, it's hard to find a fellowship time where the whole family can be present. Come with all those sticky fingers, and mom buns. We will have so much fun!

Beginning May

Meets Every Two Weeks, Wednesday Evenings 6 to 7:30

Group Leader:  Alisha Rasmussen

Get To Know Your Pastor

Have you wondered who this guy is talking to us every week? Where did he come from? What led him to want to plant a church in Stone County? How long has he been bald? Join Pastor Rob as he shares aspects of his life that will help you get to know him a little better. This class is bound to cover a wide variety of topics.

Beginning May 6

Meets Thursdays in May, Evenings 6 to 7:00

Group Leader:  Rob Barringer

Youth Group Worship Team

The Youth Group Worship Team will meet weekly on Monday nights from 6pm to 8pm at the Ignite Church at Lakewood sanctuary. Small group leader Tom Lovato will open in prayer after taking prayer requests and those attending will do a short Bible study using the Truth for Youth Bibles provided by Revival Fires ministry. There will time for musicians and vocalist to both tune up and warm up. We will concentrate on learning specific songs that can be shared in future outreach opportunities to both the church and the community.

Beginning April 26

Meets Mondays 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Group Leader:  Tom Lovato