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A New Thing...

Ignite Church at Lakewood is that refreshing breath of FRESH AIR. The people of Lakewood Church, founded in 1998 by Cecil W. and Lori Todd, voted to UNITE with and join a new church start, Ignite Church, founded by Rob and Rebecca Barringer in 2020. The two bodies have come together to form Ignite Church at Lakewood. It is clear to see that we are truly BETTER TOGETHER and we are trusting God for big things in our community.


Join us Sundays

Modern Worship    -    Powerful Messages    -    Children's Programs

Worship Time

Sundays, 9:30 a.m.


Definition of Ignite
 To catch fire or cause to catch fire · burst into flames · be set off · erupt · explode · burn up · burn · flame up · kindle · light · set fire to · set on fire · set alight · set burning · fire · inflame · kindle · trigger · spark · excite · provoke · agitate · stimulate · stir up · work up · whip up · incite · fuel

Support Our Church

Join us on this new journey launching IGNITE Church in Stone County, MO.  If you'd like to learn more let us know!

We'll be contact soon!

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